Zach + Courtney | Downtown Wilmington Engagement Session

This engagement session is super special to me because this bride – to – be is my best friend! I met Courtney in 7th grade and my life has been better for it since. She’s the type who still sends hand-written cards to you in the mail, will drop anything and everything to be there for you when you need her, and just pretty much feels like family the instant you let her into your life.

Zach, I could not be more happy that she met you. I’ve been with her through every relationship she’s had, and I knew from the beginning that you were different. She somehow managed to find one of the only other people who write hand-written notes still. I love walking into your house and seeing all of the sweet notes and gifts you two have given each other. It’s not easy sharing your best friend, but if I have to do it with anyone, I’m glad it’s you!

I can’t wait to not only stand by you both at your wedding but also capture the day for you. (You guys really think I was gonna let someone else take my best friend’s wedding pictures? ha! ;)).